Welcome Aboard from the USS KANSAS CITY (LCS-22) Commissioning Committee


A Message from RADM Penfield; USN, Ret., Chairman of the Commissioning Committee

04 May 2020
Dear USS KANSAS CITY Supporter,

I hope this letter finds you well as we live through these historical times. It is remarkable how much our nation and world has changed over the last two months. I sincerely hope you, your family, and friends are staying healthy during this global crisis.

I want to inform you of a change of plans for June’s Commissioning of the USS KANSAS CITY. Due to COVID-19, the Navy has made the decision to cancel the traditional public commissioning and postpone any associated celebrations. The ship will be administratively commissioned on 20 June, officially joining the Fleet. The Navy and the Commissioning Committee will work together to identify an opportunity in the future to have a proper celebration to honor the sailors and ship while showcasing the Greater Kansas City area.

though this may be disappointing news to many, I want to remind you that the USS KANSAS CITY Commissioning Committee had three objectives when we formed 18 months ago; (1) spread the word throughout the Greater KC area of the honor and opportunity; (2) be the best host possible for the commissioning week events; and (3) lay the foundation for an enduring relationship between the USS KANSAS CITY sailors and the citizens of the Greater KC area. By any measure, due to the hard work of the Committee, and your gracious support, we have met objectives (1) and (3) and will have the opportunity to achieve objective (2) as soon as we’re out from the COVID-19 restrictions. The Commissioning Committee is determined to see our mission through despite the challenges we face.

I want the thank everyone again for your support and flexibility. As we continue dealing with the implications of COVID-19, we will be fully transparent with all of you. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any Commissioning Committee member.

Thank you and stay healthy.

Jeffrey R. Penfield

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Our Mission

Our mission, on behalf of and with the financial support of the community, is to provide the USS Kansas City with needed morale building and sustaining items the Navy does not provide, sponsor commissioning events which bring the ship to active life, establish a scholarship fund for the benefit of the crew and build the foundation for a long lasting relationship between the ship’s crew, Kansas City, and the greater metropolitan area.