Welcome Aboard from the USS KANSAS CITY (LCS-22) Commissioning Committee


A Message from RADM Penfield; USN, Ret., Chairman of the Commissioning Committee

20 June 2020
To the Officers, Chiefs, and Sailors of the mighty warship KANSAS CITY,

On behalf of the USS KANSAS CITY Commissioning Committee, we would like to pass our sincere congratulations on your Commissioning. This mile stone event reflects all your hard work and dedication; and we cannot be more proud.

Since we established the Commissioning committee roughly 18 months ago, our focus has exclusively been on you. The committee has had three objectives: (1) spread the word throughout the Greater Kansas City area about this great opportunity to support you; (2) be the best host possible for all commissioning week events; and (3) lay the foundation for an enduring relationship between the citizens of this area and all of you. Though we’ve had to delay the official celebration, I think you’ll agree, with your support and collaboration, we’ve met the mark. The citizens of the Greater Kansas City area are so excited for all of you and are truly grateful to be able to provide their lifetime support.

The Committee has had a front row seat while you sacrificed and prepared to make history. We watched you as you conquered challenge after challenge while working long hours and spending unprecedented periods of time away from your friends and loved ones. And through all of that, you took the time to visit Kansas City, understanding the importance of meeting face-to-face and learning about your namesake city. Trust me when I say, those visits were crown jewel events for all of us.

As proud as we are of all of you, this is just the start; for as long as there is a ship named KANSAS CITY and there are United States Navy sailors with KANSAS CITY sewed onto their sleeves, our love and support will be there fo you. As you sail around the world as ambassadors for your country and Kansas City, as you do your part in ensuring your nation’s national security and economic prosperity, as you go into harms way, please know the citizens of the Greater Kansas City area will always be there for you and hold you close in our thoughts and prayers.

Again, congratulations; we are proud of you all.

Very Respectfully,

Jeffrey R. Penfield
Chairman, USS KANSAS CITY commissioning Committee

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Our Mission

Our mission, on behalf of and with the financial support of the community, is to provide the USS Kansas City with needed morale building and sustaining items the Navy does not provide, sponsor commissioning events which bring the ship to active life, establish a scholarship fund for the benefit of the crew and build the foundation for a long lasting relationship between the ship’s crew, Kansas City, and the greater metropolitan area.