Support Our Ship

The Citizens of Greater Kansas City have a unique opportunity to honor. Celebrate, and support a group of young American from the United States Navy, who have answered the call to serve, sacrifice, and give their all to help ensure our national security and economic prosperity.

The United States Navy is naming a new Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) the USS KANSAS CITY (LCS 22). Our Navy is focused on keeping international shipping lanes open to guarantee free trade, deterring aggression to keep our shores safe, and help win our nation’s wars when necessary. Shipping is the life blood of our economy as 90% of all items shipped internationally are by sea. It is critical to our economic prosperity as a country as individuals. The USS KANSAS CITY, scheduled to join the fleet early next year, will play an essential role in meeting those strategic objectives.

The young men and women serving on board the USS KANSAS CITY will help ensure that the citizens of Greater Kansas City can trade internationally, have affordable goods, are safe from foreign aggressors, and always remain free. They will be exemplary ambassadors for our community; AND, they are often called upon to serve in harm’s way, potentially sacrificing their own personal safety, all for our benefit. Those sailors deserve our unyielding support, recognition, as well as our thought and prayers.

A group of Greater Kansas City  Citians have volunteered to serve on a Commissioning Committee charged to support and show our community’s appreciation to the young men and women of the support of the community, will provide the crew with needed morale building and sustaining items that the Navy does not provide to ships, support the commissioning ceremony of the ship, and provide a scholarship fund for the benefit of the crew; helping to form the foundation of an enduring relationship between the community and the ship.

Please help show our community’s appreciation by donating to the Commissioning Committee. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Donate to the USS KANSAS CITY (LCS 22)